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Anonymous said: How many followers??;)

hi! i have 5500 lovely followers :)

maythegrohlbewithus said: Here's what I can contribute, from my experience: Ariel's mostly out somewhere between 11.30 and 13.30 right before the Stars 'n Cars parade in Studios. At least, that's how it was back in June, idk if they've removed the parade by now, but if it's still around, I suggest shadowxmoses hangs out at "Place des Stars" in front of Cinemagique. That's where I saw Ariel two times during my stay. Hope this helps :)

hey! i’m sure that’d help a lot - thankyou :) shadowxmoses we’ve got some great advice for you here, i hope it will help you to get to meet ariel!

Anonymous said: Do you know if there is a chance to buy adult sized Princess Costumes in DLP ?♥

hi! there isn’t anywhere to buy adult-sized costumes, i’m afraid :( i would love to buy one too but i can understand why they don’t sell them, as of course their main priorities have to be child safety and protecting the magic, so they can’t have adults walking around dressed as princesses - we need to be able to easily find the real princesses! :)

however, if you’re fairly short, there’s a chance you might fit into some of the larger princess dresses - i’m 5 ft 5 (roughly a size 8) and i held up the largest size aurora dress to me in DLP and it looked like it’d just fit. so maybe that’s a thought? i think the dresses go up to age 13/14 but i might be wrong.

if not, why not have a search on somewhere like etsy? a lot of people are fantastic at costume-making and actually sell their own creations, so you never know, you might find some adult-sized dresses online :’) you can also buy basic princess dresses from dress-up/party shops and the like, but these are often fairly lacking in quality or the more halloween-esque/mega-short styles which i never think are as magical, but it’s worth a go if you’re very keen to find one! i hope that helps :)

shadowxmoses said: I'll be in DLP in 2 weeks & I wanted to ask you , if you have any tips/advice on how to met Ariel ? She's my all time favorite princess and I want to meet her so bad :) Have a lovely evening xx

hey! wow, so soon :’) i hope you have an absolutely wonderful time! meeting ariel is a possibility at the princess pavilion (fantasyland) but the trouble is that you can’t guarantee it - you are directed into a room and you meet the princess who’s in that room at that time, so although it’s lovely and a great way to surprise yourself, you can’t choose :(

my other suggestions are trying the auberge de cendrillon, which is a princess-themed restaurant in fantasyland (v expensive but worth a try even if you don’t get to meet ariel! although i’d say it’s more likely here) and having a walk around the studios in the afternoons, as character central advises that she can often come out randomly at this time :)

i’m sorry i couldn’t be more help but i really do hope you get to meet her! i’ll keep my fingers crossed for you :’) if all else fails, at least you know you’ll 100% get to see her (and hopefully get a wave!) when she goes by on her parade float. if you check your park guide when you arrive at the resort, you’ll be able to see what time the parade is on daily :) good luck lovely! x

Anonymous said: im watching disney videos and the emotions are killing me. help!

hey! oh my god tell me about it, i get physical aches when i watch the park videos :( i have become extra fussy recently and if someone uploads a video with added music i don’t wanna know, it’s park sounds/ambience or nothin’ ;) it just adds to the excitement so much when you can hear the actual area music or the tick-tock of IASW or the teacups music in the background, don’t you think?! :) you have got me all tearful now haha so i too am going to go and watch some disneyland videos, i hope you’re doing okay and not feeling too upset! ♥