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Anonymous said: Hi! I was wondering what are your thoughts on the Space Mountain Mission 2 ride? Love your blog (: Keep up the magic!

hey! i’m afraid my thoughts on it are rather limited as i am not great with rollercoasters, haha :( i think the last time i went on space mountain was about 2009 and i did enjoy it to a extent (i love the music and i love going up ready to blast off into space, eek) but not enough to go back on in more recent years - i find that my head wobbles about everywhere and ends up banging on the sides of the headrest, and i’m really not so good with inversions! i get nervous so i shut my eyes the whole time, which doesn’t really help cos then it just feels like i am being thrown around with no context, haha :(

what about you? i’m guessing you’re a big fan if you’ve asked about it? :) i can 100% understand why people do love it so much - if i was into rollercoasters i’m sure i would too. i do love to walk past it, i think it’s a magical part of discoveryland! thanks so much, by the way, i’m really happy you enjoy the blog :’) i’ll look out for some more space mountain pictures for you!

Anonymous said: Hello! I wanted your opinion on something I can't make my mind up about! I'm going back to Disney in October (<3!) and can't decide whether I should watch videos of the new Ratatouille ride or save it, and have it be a total surprise! What would you do if you were me? I love your blog by the way, it helps keep the magic alive while I'm waiting to go back! <3

hi! aw what a lovely predicament :’) it’s a toughie but i reckon it’d be more fun to save it and have it be a total surprise! i know it’ll be hard (i didn’t listen to any disneyland paris area music for a month before my last trip to make it all extra-fresh when i arrived and it was SO difficult!) but i definitely think it’ll be worth it.

i’ve watched the ratatouille ride on youtube and (without giving too much away!) i think there are many parts of it that will be MUCH better to see in person, so that’s another reason for my answer :) have an absolutely magical time, and i hope you enjoy ratatouille! thankyou so much for your kind words about the blog, too :’) <3