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Anonymous said: I miss walking by WALL-E and EVE :(

hi! aw, that’s so sad :( i love how everyone has their own little favourite aspects of the resort! sometimes i find seeing photos and watching videos of mine helps me but other times it just makes the cravings ten times worse and i just WISH i was back there :( i hope you get to go back soon and pay a visit to wall-e and eve!

just found this and now i miss fantasyland so very much

princewolfy said: What is your personal opinion about the Walt Disney Studios park at DLP ? I realize that the initial theme is now totally forgotten... I wish they will create a Pixar land to gather Crush Coaster / Cars / Toy Story playland and Ratatouille.

hey! i’ve got to be honest and say it’s really not a favourite of mine :( i think it certainly has its strengths - i think tower of terror was a great addition, and i love the soundtracks they play. plus with the updates like crush’s coaster, toy story playland and now ratatouille, i do think DLP have put a lot of effort into it :)

i just find it lacking in magic - when i walk into parc disneyland, my breath is ALWAYS taken away because of how utterly beautiful and magical it is. the music, the smells, everything links together to form this amazing atmosphere. whereas when i walk into walt disney studios, i just don’t get that feeling, i don’t know why :(

i hadn’t even thought of the pixar land but that’s a really good idea! i wonder if they would ever do that - it’d be a very good way of gathering it all, like you said. i think a lot of people feel that as a park, it’s quite random and un-connected, so maybe an idea like that for the future would be beneficial? :’)